Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Short History of Thanet Con Councillors

LGBT Councillor 
Speaking in the Council Chambers recently,Thanet District Council's Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny spoke of 'Underlying homophobia' from Thanet Conservatives


"It is very wrong for the Conservative group to readmit Ken Gregory when he has failed to apologise or show any remorse"

The reputation of the Conservative Party is on the line. Is it still the nasty party?"

"Until he says sorry, many people will assume that councillor Gregory stands by his offensive remarks. It is appalling that any elected public official would wish a potentially fatal disease on another human being - and then fail to apologise"
"In the absence of an apology, he should not be readmitted to the council group - and should be suspended from the Conservative party. If the Tories want to be taken seriously as a tolerant and compassionate party, they should have nothing to do with him until he says sorry"
said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Public Awareness Warning:

This blog is not part of any other blog or organisation despite its unauthorised and questionable reproduction by Westgate-On-Sea Thanet Councillor Simon Moores, whose disrespectful behaviour is seriously irresponsible and potentially damaging to the repuation of the Conservative Party.

Thanet Conservative Leader Bob Bayford pictured with his predecessor
Sandy Ezekiel recently said:
"I'm not going to ask Ken to apologise,
 he is going be readmitted to the Group"
Telephone Tory HQ: 020 7222 9000

Senior North Thanet Conservative 
Association Member
Roger Latchford OBE(former deputy leader)
 Roger Latchford, and his intolerant chums are costing hard working taxpayers thousands of pounds by making failed standards complaints against the same LGBT councillor that Ken Gregory made a death wish against. Many decent Conservatives are privately sickened by the "Ken Gregory" mindset that appears to dominate the local party, and they blame the outdated wing of the party for costing them power due to the LGBT councillor resigning the Tory whip. The LGBT councillor has said that Cllr Gregory's voice mail was not the first time he was verbally abused because of his sexuality
Telephone Tory HQ: 020 7222 9000

             Telephone Tory HQ: 020 7222 9000

Those concerned about the Conservative Party's reputation should contact Conservative Headquarters on 020 7222 9000 or  027 7984 8165


Those concerned about the party's reputation should contact Conservative Headquarters on 020 7222 9000 or Party Chair Sayeeda Warsi on 027 7984 8165

                                           ANIMAL WELFARE


Former Thanet Conservative Councillor
Ted Wat-Ruffell, Former Thanet Con Mayor was unkind to his CAT

Former Thanet Conservative Councillor
 Former  Thanet Con Councillor Ewen Cameron
Former Thanet Conservative Councillor
Panama Steve was a Thanet Con Councillor who lived in Panama

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